Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stefan is with us!

Today was a beautiful drive through the southwest, with unexpected views along the way. We left Mariwyn in El Paso, TX around 10:30am to continue trekking west. We so thoroughly enjoyed their hospitality overnight that the best way I can describe it is an oasis along the way. From swimming, to roasting marshmallows over a fire pit Friday evening to sleeping in a bit and being treated to a fantastic breakfast of pancakes, bacon and fresh fruit.
The drive from El Paso to Flagstaff took most of the day, but only because we enjoyed 3-4 hours in downtown Phoenix after we picked up Stefan at the airport. We ate dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, walked through downtown, and had Cold Stone Creamery ice cream for dessert. I love not being in a rush during the summer. I also love that Stefan is with us now for the rest of the trip! It is good to have the family all together.
Surprises along the drive: a giant roadrunner sculpture / statue along the side of Interstate 10; the rugged beauty of the boulders and cacti throughout Arizona; the bright evening stars in a moon-less sky along the dark road.
Thanks for joining us! Tomorrow morning we are off to the Grand Canyon! Then it is San Diego or bust. California, here we come!
Blessings from the road!

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