Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally settled in CA for a few weeks

I have been so blessed by all of you who have been following my travels this summer. It has been frustrating to not have a regular internet connection since Arizona, so for all of you faithfully following us, here is a snapshot of our trip since then!
July 4th we went and saw the Grand Canyon. What an amazing sight! It was spectacular. We wished we had more time to enjoy a hike, but we needed to end up in San Diego that night and had to leave by lunchtime. The drive took us through the Mohave desert. I have been impressed with the rugged beauty of the desert. Vast, hot and we went miles and miles between any signs of life. This leg of the trip was also where Micah discovered a love for photography and honored us with a self-portrait in the car!
We dropped Jess of with her friend Liz in San Diego and then headed over to the Embassy Suites for 2 nights. We went to Legoland on the 5th and enjoyed some cool weather, with the high temp. only at 70 that day. The park was just the right size and we all had a great time. The next morning we had a leisurely morning at the hotel and got back on the road around noon. I believe the hotel was just as exciting for Mandy and Micah as Legoland! They enjoyed the pool, each had their own bed/couch to sleep on, were delighted at the all-you-could eat breakfast, and jumped at "jobs" like filling the ice bucket or calling the elevator.
On our way to my sister's home in San Luis Obispo (SLO), we stopped in Santa Barbara and visited with Marina and wandered through the Westmont campus. I had pictures taken outside Clark P/Q, my freshman year residence and enjoyed fond memories as we toured the campus. There is much reconstruction on campus due to new building projects and changes due to the fires from 1+ year ago. We crashed with my sister and brother-in-law in SLO with a yummy dinner of chicken fajitas and Madonna Inn cake.
Wednesday we finally reached my family's' house just up the hill from Paradise, CA. We took our time and enjoyed the breathtaking views from route 1 which winds up the coastline. We took that road from SLO up to Santa Cruz, and then headed into San Fransisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was cool and windy along the coast, but as soon as we headed inland, the temps rose quickly. In northern California, we skirted the southern edge of wine country around dinner-time and made it to my parent's home just after 9pm. We were treated to one of the most beautiful sunset's I've seen as we drove highway 70 north of Sacramento up through the farming fields around Oroville. Pictures cannot do it justice.
We had one day of rest and prep at home before we headed 2 hours north into the mountains for a weekend at my parent's cabin at Lake Almanor. That adventure will have to wait until next time. It is time to wrap up the writing for the day and spend a few hours with the kids.
Enjoy the photos! I'll update again tomorrow if all goes well!
Cami Foerster

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