Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blogger vs. Webmaster

Found this article while searching for some WordPress tips and tricks... It's all beginning to make sense now...
Webmasters do a lot of things, in fact webmasters are jacks of all trades, programmers, designers, customer service representatives, they are not bloggers. Who can blame them really, they are so busy dealing with all the other stuff they simply don’t have time to sit and write content for a weblog. When webmasters do sit down and write content for a blog, it is often in the form of a tutorial on their favourite script, html or css.
I applaud all of you bloggers out there. To consistently be able to write good content for a blog takes a lot of hard work, time and creativity.
From: Bloggers Are Not Webmasters and Webmasters Are Not Bloggers While I'm not a full-time webmaster, I play one for a couple different sites; and I am a full-time software developer. No wonder maintaining my own site is a constant struggle...

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